Be profitable;

Mentally, emotionally & financially, 

every, single, day!

Hi! I'm Mel, your Business Guide

Uncover your Biggest Purpose

Mel is not only able to see the business in black and white - she brings color to how she builds plans and asks questions that hit you right where you need it.Being able to be curious, vulnerable, and myself in the best of ways.Mel is not just a business coach. She is a guide. A voice. A channel to being able to uncover your biggest purpose.

- Loni Nelson

How very Intune Mel is

Biggest takeaways were how very intune Mel is with A. The 'imaginary' future audience, really helping guide me on what will resonate & be powerful, and B. How great she can listen to your lingo & expertise, and turn it into talking points that sound like you.. but better.

- Shannon Lutz

Important. Inspiring. Indispensable.

Mel's guidance, patience and vision continue to move me forward. I can't imagine carving this path without her insight, knowledge and perspective. I consider our path's crossing as divine intervention!

- Carol Septow

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