She Profits

The Outrageously Simple 5-Point Entrepreneurial Profit Plan

Book By: Mel McSherry 

Prioritize your time

Plan for success

Build your profits 

“If only there was more time in the day!”
Sound familiar?

As female entrepreneurs, we have unlimited potential in what we can create for ourselves and  our businesses. However, so many of us never even get close because we get stuck in the space of overthinking, overplanning and catastrophizing all of the unknowns.

But guess what? It's actually much more simple than you think to create what you want in the time that you have. And, good news! Mel will guide you step by step  showing you how with her outrageously simple,5-point plan.


Learn how to: 

  • Establish what YOU want.

  • Identify the time you really have and create boundaries to protect it.

  • Control how you use that time profitably - mentally, emotionally, and financially.

  • Design and implement a customized plan of action that matches your unique circumstances

  • Create the business, money and life you want in the time that you have!

Mel has been helping others build businesses for a while

As a successful entrepreneur since 2010, Mel has seen her share of struggles on the path to being better than before and shaping the business, money and life she has always wanted. Her Priority Plan has been key in creating her success and today she shares her knowledge to empower other women entrepreneurs so they can create what they want every single day!
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Here's the proof

Hear it from the people

"You have everything inside of you to answer the call of your soul. You just have to find it."


There Mel goes again, speaking ABSOLUTE TRUTH! Mel is a beautiful combination of so many dynamic gifts and in this book she sounds just like she does in real life... Honest, to the point, and full of spunk. She Profits is both fun and practical. I love it! 

Gina Starbuck

Intuitive Coach and Spiritual Mentor

"It reads like it's coming straight from your mouth. I love the way you bring your real-talk personality, honest stories from experience and actionable steps for the reader. The end recap page was an awesome tool for the readers to take it from education to action!

Neha O’Rouke

Founder, Career & Energy Coach.

"The thing about She Profits is that it sounds exactly like a conversation with Mel, herself.

Not only is she energetic and motivational, but she’s not afraid to say “hey, ass-hole, now’s not the time for a pity party - it’s time for action!”. And if aligned action is what you’re looking for… then you’re going to find it in this book. You’re going to find your very own action steps and you’re going to make it happen through Mel’s 5-Point-Plan. Like she says herself… it’s simple. Not easy… SIMPLE. But with your own pocket power-pack of resources, you can bet it’ll be a darn sight easier than trying to figure it out on your own."

“Finally! A talk-true, no-nonsense, guide that is as genuine and real as it is inspirational and practical. Highly recommended to all women leaders or aspiring business owners! Mel is funny, moving, and motivating!”

Barbara Burgess

COO, The Wright Foundation.

"I can literally hear Mel sitting across from me saying OHF and telling me to get GOING because no one is going to give me permission other than myself. And at the same time telling me to prioritize myself and start saying no to the things that don't. If you're a business owner or want to be a business owner and are ready to make some profits then you need to get reading. In Mel's words " You have everything inside of you to answer the call of your soul, you just have to find it." This book is the first place you should look."

Benjamin Ritter


Leadership and Empowerment Coach.

"So much good advice here! Mel McSherry is a rockstar, and She Profits is exactly the guide I needed to start putting myself first on my to-do list. Her guide to "taming your time" will help any entrepreneur  do more by doing less. Plus it's fun, funny, and quick to read. Highly recommend!"

Amelia Hruby

Femininst Writer, Educator and podcaster. PhD

"Mel is one resilient chick! She's been through it and yet, through the hardships, she has softened, opened and created real magic in her life. Reading her book offers this beautiful duality of strength and grace. Taking action is easy when there is a guide and that is exactly what this book makes available. And Mel makes it simple, which is even more awesome! Thank you Mel for taking a stand and supporting women in taking the next step, over and over again."

Elyse Falzone

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