Hi, I’m Mel!

Speaker. Guide. Author. Mom.


I always knew I was different- but instead of honoring that, I kept it hidden and looked for more traditional ways to create the relationships, business, and life I wanted.


To be fair, for a good while it worked really well, then I started to explore and reconnect with who I really was and the wheel of change started to turn. Which brought about the end of my marriage, several shifts in my business, and the journey continues.


During the last decade of being an entrepreneur, I have seen many “successes”. Within the first year of my business, I tripled my annual income, became a best-selling author, and spoke over 100 times all over the US and twice overseas.


On paper, it was amazing, but I was struggling mentally and emotionally. My success just never felt right, nor was it sustainable.

The antithesis of all of this when I truly understood how I was designed to work and then, all of a sudden, my business, my relationships, and my life became fluid and profitable - mentally, emotionally, and financially. 


You see, we are each uniquely designed and therefore the definition of success is different for each of us. But because of our conditioning, we can often feel that our personal definitions of success are wrong and that we need to mold ourselves into the ‘correct’ way to create what we want.


Continuing to follow this one path when it's not working will bring frustration, bitterness, burnout, and exhaustion. We are all different, a one-size-fits-all approach to creating a happy, successful life doesn’t make sense! We each have our own energetic blueprint and individual style of operating successfully in life and when you know who you are and how you operate, you discover your inner authority that helps you create the business, money, and life that you want.


Let’s stop pounding away with different manifesting techniques and tools, trying to blast away those ‘limits’ that might actually be keeping us from creating something that isn't desirable in the first place, and let's start learning about and connecting to ourselves.


“You have everything inside of you to answer the call of your soul, you just need to find it.” and that's exactly what I help you do.


I help Women and Femmes, who are Entrepreneurs, break the cycle of past programming when it comes to HOW they build their business and WHO they are supposed to be, to create the success they desire.

I support them and guide them so they are aligned to their true design and become profitable mentally, emotionally, and financially every day.

I am a guide. I am a supporter. I am a safe space.
I listen, reflect, and question. ⁠

I help you create what you want in the way you want to create it, by using my gifts of channeling to relay any messages of support or questions of exploration from your spirit guides.

As a Projector in human design, I can tune into you - which means I’m not here to tell you what to do, I’m a soundboard to help you find the answers you already know, but just aren’t aware of yet.⁠

Trusted By

The only reason I am so defined in what I do is because of Mel McSherry.

- Tazima Parris

Her captivating & engaging keynote session was a hit

With the audience (women business owners) who had only positive feedback to share. She has an amazing ability to connect with her audience and stay connected for the duration of the presentation.

- Upasana Samaddar, SCORE Western Massachusetts