The 3 things You Need To Master In Order To Make The Business, Money And Life That You Want

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NO. 1

Take advantage of the connections around you and learn how to place yourself in the best spaces. Become an asset to those around you while connecting emotionally through your message.

  • Learn how to utilize tools at your fingertips and get notified of authentic events to attend 

  • Understand how to take advantage of virtual events with a clear message

  • Become a master conversationalist with 4 of my bulletproof questions and tips

  • Have a process to take fresh leads and convert them into profitable connections

NO. 2

Learn what you need to create a compelling lightning talk and open up the world of speaking in your business. Gain notoriety, industry acknowledgment and massive lead generation.

  • Craft a message that creates an emotional connection with your ideal client

  • Learn how to find and book Profitable Events for your business

  • Craft your lightning talk using my 5 part signature formula

  • Have the step-by-step to hosting a profitable virtual event

NO. 3

Reclaim your time and learn how to create the business, life and money you want in the time that you actually have. This is about creating boundaries, expectations and levels to your work so you can be successful.

  • Learn what you need to create a Profitable Day

  • What you can shift to create more money and clients in your business

  • How to tame your time and get back in the driver’s seat

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In the first 60 days of working with Melissa I have erased the overwhelm

launched my business and generated $3,000 in new income! Not only that, but I’ve also created a work/life blend that I thrive in, work with my ideal clients, and have the support to build a business, and a life, I love!

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