A safe space for you, a safe space for all!


We value and honor the uniqueness that every human brings to this journey of Entrepreneurship. 


Here at BtB we are always listening, learning and applying to ensure the inclusion of all womxn, men, BIPOC and non-binary humans no matter their culture, sexual identity, gender indenity, spiritual beliefs, income or any other identifies. We aim to help all feel safe, heard, recogized and get the support they need to create the business, money and life they want.


This includes required and continuing DEI education for all team members, partnerships with companies founded (and who support) marginalized groups, inclusive pricing options, as well as a platform that our community members can safely commune, teach, and support each other.


This statement umbrellas all 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, speaking engagements and our hosted community.

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